Living in an apartment means that one will have some neighbors. Meeting people from different backgrounds may have the good side and the bad side. Life in the apartments comes with benefits since they are a more viable option for people with smaller incomes. The good side of living in an apartment is that nearly all apartments have the maintenance cost covered and taken care of by the landlord or a chosen company. This removes worry among the apartment tenants. The bad side of living in an apartment is the rude neighbors who can make your life a real disaster as they may damage your car, your outside electrical/water connections and many other things.

A majority of apartments are designed to incorporate an array of amenities within the neighborhood. Such amenities may include a swimming pool, a common room, a gym, security system and a covered parking. Such amenities give the tenants a heaven-on-earth experience as one feels comfortable living in such apartments. Apartments also offer the best alternative for those who wish to live alone for the foreseeable future. The simplicity and smaller space of an apartment is ideal for the people who want less space and smaller utility bills. Such a life may be appropriate for college kids such as those attending Cascade College in Oregon. Such kids may opt to settle in the apartments in Portland OR.

Compared to living in a home in the leafy suburbs, life in the apartments usually costs less in terms of utilities like water and electricity and in things like heating, cooling. Who may want to settle huge bills especially when his/her salary does not guarantee a surplus? Availability of several layers of security in the apartment guarantees one of his/her safety. Existence of gated apartment complexes and complexes with security to keep an eye on individuals going into and out of the complex makes life worth living in the apartments since the security is top notch. Furthermore, existence of alarms on individual apartments accentuates the level of security.

On the other hand, life in the apartments may not be all too rosy. The design of most apartments offers smaller living space. If you are the type to like spacious rooms, then living in apartments is not meant for you. In addition, one may not have access to a clothes line. One’s privacy is compromised due to the crowded nature of the apartment buildings. Noise is another limiting factor in apartments since one may hear a person who is singing, shouting or even singing in the unit next to his/hers or worse still he/she might be overheard.

For a tenant choosing between settling in a house located in the leafy suburbs of Oregon State or in an apartment block located in the apartments in Portland OR, such pros and cons of living in an apartment need to be taken into consideration. In addition, one’s financial status is necessary in determining where (s) he will settle since houses cost more than living in apartments.