Transferred to Your Apartment

Living in the apartments in most of the times force one to sign up for delivery services. Such courier services may deliver packages to your doorstep as and when required at a certain fee. We are all bound to receive gifts especially during the festive seasons. It is therefore important to follow some tips to help one avoid bumping onto an unattended package left at his/her doorstep.

First you need to contact your property manager if they are able to hold the packages for you in the main office of the apartment buildings, in case one exists. Such a move ensures the courier services deliver any packages to one secure location. Keeping the contacts of the courier companies is necessary as you may from time to time need to contact them to know whether they have received any package or item that is meant for you. For a person living in the apartments in Portland OR, use of the yellow pages to obtain contacts of the various delivery service companies may be helpful.

The type of items one is receiving determines whether one will require a signature. Expensive items e.g. electronics such as TV or a new computer will force one to consider a signature. A signature is important in instances where one is not at home at the time of the delivery. The delivery service will leave a note for one and later (s) he may call to ask them to hold the item(s) so that (s) he can go get them afterwards. Therefore, a signature enhances convenience in the delivery process.

It is also very important to note your frequency of receipt of packages. If you receive so many packages, it may be helpful to buy a lockbox to secure your items. The rule of the thumb here is to ensure the box is lockable with a padlock. Always make sure to unlock the padlock or such that you may ask the delivery person to lock up the box after they have delivered your item(s).

As the internet has turned the world into a global village, you may consider signing up for delivery email alerts. While at work you may frequently check your email to know when your package is going to arrive. Moreover, signing up for delivery texts also helps you track your package in real time since the delivery company will send you a text notifying where your package is hence, in that way, you may be able to dart home in time to get your package.

Also the choice of a local based delivery services company may help you receive your package in time since their operations are focused on a certain niche-your neighborhood. For example, in the apartments in Portland OR, Pride Delivery is a company that has its delivery operations focused in the Portland Oregon area. Signing up with global based delivery Services Company such as FedEx or DHL may expose one to risk of delays in delivery since such a company handles a large area.