Right Apartment

Prior to moving in, check the neighborhood in which the apartment is located. Safety, cleanliness, street noise, privacy, lack of view, access to shopping and transport facilities, and natural light may need to be considered. Take note of trash lying around as this may be an indicator that the landlord is not taking good care of the apartments. Iron bars on alleys, apartment buildings or on windows of walls may be an indication of an unsafe neighborhood.

If one has kids who are of school age, (s) he may need to find out how good the schools are for that apartment building before moving in. Sometimes one may decide to enter into a lease agreement which may be short-term or long-term. Exercise caution in reviewing the apartment lease to avoid instances where the landlord decides not to renew the rental and force you out. Most importantly, a lease agreement is legally binding and is also a proof of residency in a particular place.

Common space is an issue in the apartments in Portland OR since not everybody will rise up to one’s standards. It is not surprising to get neighbors who let their dogs or cats poop in the elevators and don’t clean it up. Others when in the process of moving in may damage the walls and the floors and in the common space this has to be paid for by strata a fee which is usually contributed by tenants living in the apartments. A shared garbage collection point is also an issue since a neighbor’s waste may be hazardous to the rest of the tenants occupying the apartments.

Moreover, one’s creativity may be limited in that restrictions are in place to limit the extent to which one may wish to change fittings, replace or repaint or even install an air conditioner and/or a microwave in case the unit does not have such items. To most people, this may come as bad news since we all like to customize the arrangement of our rooms according to our liking hence the saying cut your coat according to your cloth.

Naturally, the trouble is heightened down the poverty pipeline when it comes to housing. Apartments in Portland OR and their landlords are suddenly displacing lower and middle income tenants in favor for the higher paying renter. Tenants are often forced out by rent increases they can’t possibly afford, or by “building renovations”, real or imaginary.

On average, a vacant apartment is only empty for about 35 days between tenants. Competition is truly fierce in the more desirable sections of town and these apartments in Portland OR may last only 10 days on average!

As discussed earlier, Portland apartments for rent are quite impacted. Renters are finding that the problem isn’t just the low rental housing rates, but they are less willing to complain about such things as needing any repairs done. Even if the landlord is friendly, the renter may be apprehensive about riling up the owner and risk losing the apartment. The tenant knows it would be difficult to find another home easily.