Different real estate units in Portland OR

Rental fees in apartments in portland or have taken a drastic jump since 2010, more than 41%, to $1,242, according to a local real estate firm. Back in 2013, a Seattle developer purchased a plot at Northwest Thurman Street and raised a five-story building with 54 units. The units are typically very tiny, some the size of a college dorm room. These “micro-units”, as they are commonly called, are averaging about 250 square feet and may go for $995 or more each month.

These micro-units, hipster hovels, units, as the natives call them, are part of the real estate gold rush, and as a result, there are now hundreds of these apartments in Portland OR proper and is helping to propel housing costs to go through the roof.

Last January, a new 165 unit, four story apartment complex was raised in t...

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Important tips for getting packages transferred to your apartment

Living in the apartments in most of the times force one to sign up for delivery services. Such courier services may deliver packages to your doorstep as and when required at a certain fee. We are all bound to receive gifts especially during the festive seasons. It is therefore important to follow some tips to help one avoid bumping onto an unattended package left at his/her doorstep.

First you need to contact your property manager if they are able to hold the packages for you in the main office of the apartment buildings, in case one exists. Such a move ensures the courier services deliver any packages to one secure location...

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Finding a friendly landlord and good neighborhood is the key for the right apartment

Prior to moving in, check the neighborhood in which the apartment is located. Safety, cleanliness, street noise, privacy, lack of view, access to shopping and transport facilities, and natural light may need to be considered. Take note of trash lying around as this may be an indicator that the landlord is not taking good care of the apartments. Iron bars on alleys, apartment buildings or on windows of walls may be an indication of an unsafe neighborhood.

If one has kids who are of school age, (s) he may need to find out how good the schools are for that apartment building before moving in. Sometimes one may decide to enter into a lease agreement which may be short-term or long-term...

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Apartment Rental Tips for Newcomers to USA

USA offers plenty of spaces to be let out for settlement purposes. As a matter of fact, apartments are the most common form of settlement in the various states especially in the places bordering the urban areas. Such apartments usually house the people working in the cities. A newcomer moving into the state of Oregon may consider settling in the apartments in Portland OR.

Consideration of utilities already includes in the rent is important. The more utilities that are included, the less one may have to spend however in most cases the apartment rent may be higher. All the utilities that are included must be listed in the rental agreement to avoid disagreements concerning their payments...

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